Volvo Car Battery

About the Brand

One of the most renowned and revered automakers in the world, Volvo is a Swedish brand that rolled off its first model back in 1927. The automaker is all set to greet a new generation of cars that are fully electric and autonomous.

Besides featuring a sleek look and delivering high-performance, the prime concern of all Volvo cars has always been safety – on the road and in the vehicle. No wonder Volvo is the only automaker whose cars come with seats specially designed for those suffering with back problems and complications. 

How Long do Car Batteries Last?

Ideally, a healthy car battery manufactured by 100% authentic brands in accordance with the manufacturer’s performance specifications should last for a good 3 to 5 years. Modern-day high-performance batteries are designed to function at full force right until the point of their death. And such batteries do give clear signs of their imminent death. However, it is very difficult to put an exact date on a car battery. 

Premature Battery Death: What Causes it?

Though no car battery can last throughout the lifetime of the car, more often than not, car owners complain of premature battery failure. This is because the lifespan of each battery (though designed to last for a fixed period) depends highly on the factors that directly affect its performance and hence, life.

These factors can be both natural and man-made. For instance, extreme alterations of temperature can have adverse effects on the car battery’s life. Moreover, as far as human error is concerned, the most common causes of battery failure include leaving on of headlights or interior lights when engine is off, driving in heavy traffic for prolonged periods, neglecting routine maintenance and check-ups, etc. Car Battery life gets severed also due to corrosion, acid stratification, and defective alternator. 

How does Heavy Traffic Affect My Car’s Battery?

Car owners are often oblivious to one of the most notorious factors responsible for premature battery failure – heavy traffic. There are three ways how exactly heavy traffic can shorten your car’s battery life. Firstly, being stuck in heavy traffic = excessive use of heating/cooling systems, radios, etc. Secondly, since the engine is at a very slow speed when the vehicle is stuck in traffic, the alternator’s speed also reduces, limiting the charging time. And finally, the hot engine bay conditions further affect the life of the battery.

The best way to deal with this problem is to altogether avoid traffic or rush hours or failing that, to give your car a break by turning off all interior devices and engine. 

Where to Find Reliable Battery Experts?

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