Volkswagen Jetta Car Battery

Car Type Battery Model Price Without Scrap Price With Scrap
Jetta Petrol Amaron PR-574106069 Rs. 9750 Rs. 8350
Jetta Diesel Amaron FL-566101060 Rs. 6550 Rs. 5350

Windshield Experts is the leading car glass repair and replacement company in India. We provide genuine Jetta glass with 1 year written warranty on workmanship. We also offer 100% genuine automotive glass manufactured by Asahi India Glass (AIS) for all Volkswagen cars in the Indian market. With over 80+ service centers in 40+ cities across the country, our network of auto glass replacement and repair services is the biggest in India.

Frequently Asked Questions

For Volkswagen Jetta car batteries, there are many providers available in the Indian market; however, Exide and Amaron have established an excellent reputation. If you're looking to replace your old Volkswagen Jetta car battery, you can contact our experts.


The Volkswagen Jetta is an ideal vehicle for your daily grind. Sturdy and robust, this model encompasses the feel of a luxury vehicle but the mileage performance of a smaller car. No wonder, the Jetta sits well with the India automotive buyer and has been around since 2008.

More about the Jetta

Jetta has a poised and stately appeal furthered by effortless handling and maneuverability. The latest model on sale showcases bold body lines, a slightly elongated bumper, and exceptional boot space. Whether you are going to work or driving away for the weekend, this vehicle proves its worth in more scenarios than its competitors. The Volkswagen Jetta comes in both petrol and diesel variant, and you can buy either an automatic transmission or manual one.

Features and Specifications

Jetta houses a 2000 cc diesel and 1400 cc petrol engine. The diesel Jetta comes with a bhp of 138.08, whereas the petrol packs in a punch at 120.3 bhp. Both versions come with four cylinders and include features like vertically adjustable steering console, automatic climate control, air quality control, cruise control, front and rear parking sensors, keyless entry, leather or fabric upholstery, electric folding rear-view mirror, alloy wheels, chrome grille, ABS, airbags, traction control, crash sensor, state-of-the-art entertainment unit, and much more.

What Causes Car Batteries to Fail?

Not many know this, but often human error is the biggest culprit for a shortened battery life. For example – leaving the headlights, AC, radio, etc. turned on when the engine is in ignition mode, and taking excessively short drives that do not allow the battery set under the hood to charge fully.

However, if you have a genuine battery installed in your car, you will always get signs before it dies out completely. Have you lately been noticing small snafus with your Jetta that include struggled start, dimming headlights or cabin lights, and ash-like substance sedimenting onto the battery’s surface? If yes, then you need to wheel in your vehicle for a battery check or replacement at the earliest.

Why Choose Car Fit Experts for Your Volkswagen Jetta?

When it comes to vital elements of your vehicle such as the battery set, nothing short of a genuine professional service provider should be given charge. And Car Fit Experts is one of them! We are India’s top automotive-care provider, fully equipped to assist our customers with top-notch battery check and replacement services. We have been in this industry for years and are adept at handling a host of automotive brands, from Maruti to Mercedes.

We have an extensive network of service centres across India that offer a speedy turnaround time. Our squad of professionally-trained technicians also understands that you can’t always find the time to bring your Jetta into one of our centres. Don’t fret! Car Fit Experts has a network of mobile vans fully equipped to come service you at your location of convenience.

Get in touch with us to provide your Jetta with the care it deserves!