Ford Figo Aspire Car Battery

The Ford Figo Aspire marked Ford’s entry into the sub-4-metre compact sedan segment. The car comes packed with competitive features and specifications. Here is what makes the model stand out.


The Ford Figo Aspire underwent a transformation, so while the original version had striking Aston Martin like grills, the latest one has diamond mesh ones. The fog lights are surrounded by large chrome brackets and the headlamps outlines are finished in black, giving the front a premium sporty look.

The current version comes with 15-inch alloy wheels and the car has a 359 litres boot space, ensuring ample space for luggage for trips with your family or friends.

The interiors, on the other hand, come loaded with features. Ford Figo Aspire has auto wipers, head-lamps and climate control. Ford has added a very responsive touch screen and a rear-view camera. The top-end variant also comes with Ford sync 3 connect system, apple car-play and android auto.

Engine, Mileage and Other Specifications

The Ford Figo Aspire comes in six variants. While the 1.5-litre diesel and 1.2 lite petrol engine are available in every variant, the 1.5-litre petrol engine mated with the automatic transmission only comes with the top-end Titanium variant. However, the automatic Ford Figo Aspire also comes with ESP and hill-hold assist feature.

Overall, the car’s performance is stable and strong and power is easily available as early as around 1500 RPM, not only adding fun to the driving but also making overtaking manoeuvres easy.

The steering is nicely weighted, transferring confidence to the driver around sharp turns. The suspension works silently, soaking up all the shocks from the potholes and rough bits of a typical Indian road, making a ride very comfortable for the passengers.

Given that the car comes in six variants, the mileage falls in a range of 19.4 kmpl- 26.1kmpl, varying from variant to variant.


Safety is probably the most striking feature of this car when compared to others in the segment. Ford Figo Aspire comes with six airbags which is unique for a car to have in the compact sedan segment. It also comes with ABS and EBD.

Why You Shouldn’t Choose Poor Quality Car Batteries

You can consider your car’s battery as its heart. Since, the heart affects the operation of all the parts of your car, placing a poor quality one will deteriorate and even damage your car’s overall performance and lead to unnecessary expenditure on repairs and replacements which could have been avoided had you chosen a slightly expensive quality battery.

The reason why poor quality batteries are cheap is that they aren’t meant to last. Also, since they cost so low, they aren’t even customized according to your car’s needs, they are made according to generic specifications which might not fulfil your car’s unique energy requirements.

Ford Figo Aspire, for example, comes loaded with features like a touchscreen, automatic headlamps, wipers and what not. For these features to function optimally, the car needs to have a quality battery from where it can draw the power.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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