Maruti Suzuki Versa/ EECO – Car Battery

Car Type Battery Model Price Without Scrap Price With Scrap
Versa/ Eeco Amaron PR-00050B20L Rs. 4550 Rs. 3850
Versa/ Eeco Amaron FL-00042B20L Rs. 4150 Rs. 3450
Versa/ Eeco Amaron GO-00038B20L Rs. 3900 Rs. 3200
Amaron BL-0BL400LMF Rs. 3630 Rs. 2930
Versa/ Eeco Amaron FR-0FR400LMF Rs. 3450 Rs. 2750
Versa/ Eeco Petrol EX 38B20L ML Rs. 4000 Rs. 3300
Versa/ Eeco Petrol EX EAZY 34B19L Rs. 3800 Rs. 3100
Versa/ Eeco Petrol EX DYNEX 35L Rs. 3550 Rs. 2850
Versa/ Eeco Petrol EX CABBY 35L Rs. 3500 Rs. 2800
Versa/ Eeco Diesel EX 38B20L ML Rs. 4000 Rs. 3300
Versa/ Eeco Diesel EX EAZY 34B19L Rs. 3800 Rs. 3100
Versa/ Eeco Diesel EX DYNEX 35L Rs. 3550 Rs. 2850
Versa/ Eeco Diesel EX CABBY 35L Rs. 3500 Rs. 2800

Built to cost, the Eeco looks basic but is one of the most affordable ways to transport five or more people and their luggage comfortably. The Eeco is supremely spacious, thanks to its boxy exterior, drives well for the price and has low running and maintenance costs.


More about Eeco


The Eeco is offered in petrol as well as a CNG variant with a 5-speed manual gearbox. The petrol engine drives well and is good for city use. The CNG variant is lower on bhp and feels a bit sluggish, especially when hauling heavy cargo. The cabin is modestly furnished but comfortable with ample head, shoulder, and legroom. To further make this minivan ridiculously affordable, Maruti offers an Eeco model without an air conditioner.


Features and Specifications


The Eeco has a 1.2-litre, 4-cylinder engine fitted under your feet which rids the car of a bonnet, giving you an exceptional view of the road ahead. This minivan has a bhp of 72 and claims a mileage of 21.94 kmpl. The fuel tank capacity is 75-litre and the total boot space is 275-litre. Eeco’s cabin comes equipped with features like air conditioning, heating, low fuel warning light, a power outlet, integrated headrests, fabric upholstery, digital odometer, ABS, child safety locks, airbags, seat belt warning light, high-speed alert, etc.


Common Causes for Car Battery Failure


No other component of your beloved Suzuki Versa Eeco is more vital than its high-performance battery. After all, the battery is responsible for supplying much-needed electrical power for ignition and other electronics such as headlights and interior lights, heating and cooling systems, wiper blades, etc.


Though car batteries typically have a lifespan that ranges between three to five years, certain man-made and natural factors contribute to its premature death. The most common among these factors are frequent and extreme alterations in temperature, lack of proper and regular maintenance, sulfation, acid stratification, overcharging or undercharging, incorrect battery type and size, and loose or worn-out battery terminals.


If your Eeco has lately been struggling to start, it is most likely a battery-related issue. Immediately visit a trustworthy automotive care service provider like Car Fit Experts, and get a genuine branded battery set installed with a proper warranty.



Why Choose Car Fit Experts for Your Eeco?


Car Fit Experts is India’s leading car care provider with a variety of services like in-store and doorstep car battery check and replacement and car detailing services (in select stores). We also house authentic high-performance batteries from brands such as Amaron, Exide, 3M, and Bosch. Visit one of our nearby service centres to purchase a new car battery or simply shop for it online and have it delivered at your doorstep within hours of your purchase!


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Frequently Asked Questions

For Maruti Suzuki Versa/ EECO – car batteries, there are many providers available in the Indian market; however, Exide and Amaron have established an excellent reputation. If you're looking to replace your old Maruti Suzuki Versa/ EECO – car battery, you can contact our experts.