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About Jeep Brand

From Willys to Wrangler, the world-famous Jeep has come a long way ever since the first vehicle of the brand was forged in the crucible of World War II. As of today, Jeep is one of the most widely recognised automotive brands in the world, with its vehicles having an appearance that is identifiable even from a distance. Mainly designed to withstand the battlefield, Jeep’s vehicles are not only tough but extremely nimble, able to handle any terrain with ease.

Common Reasons for Jeep Battery Failure

Car battery, though the most vital of a car’s components, is often the most neglected. This in turn, shortens the life of the car battery. Though it is true that car batteries do die owing to the natural law of life and death, it is often the lack of maintenance and a couple of other factors that are responsible for the death of a vehicle’s battery.

These factors are – taking the jeep out for short rides only to be followed by extended periods of rest, poor quality of the battery (or one that’s not been manufactured according to OEM specifications), faulty alternator, sulfation, acid stratification, leaving on of radio or entertainment system, headlights and interior lights, phones on charge, or heating and cooling systems when the engine is in its passive state.

The foremost thing to do is to monitor your jeep’s battery performance and get it checked and, if required, replaced by trained professionals.

Tips on Extending Your Jeep’s Battery Life

As we saw, a number of both natural and man-made factors are responsible for the premature death of a car battery. Though it is true that in front of natural forces, man is helpless but we can rectify from our end of the matter. Meaning, we can be vigilant as to do all that we can to ensure that the car battery enjoys a long and functional life.

One of the first things you can do to extend the life of your car’s battery is to perform proper maintenance – keep a tab on battery functioning and contact reliable car-care service provider as soon as you suspect something fishy. The next thing to do is to avoid making excessive short rides followed by extended periods of rest. Some other ways to grant new life to your car battery are – switching off all lights, entertainment systems, heating/cooling systems, etc. when the engine is dormant, using a proper charger, storing the car in a temperature-controlled environment whenever possible, among others. 

Finding the Right Experts

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