Hyundai i10 — Car Battery Replacement, Price List

Car Type Battery Model Price Without Scrap Price With Scrap
Hyundai i10 Amaron FL-0BH40B20L Rs. 4300 Rs. 3500
Hyundai i10 Petrol EX 40LBH ML Rs. 4300 Rs. 3600
Hyundai i10 Diesel EX 40LBH ML Rs. 4300 Rs. 3600

Offered in both manual and automatic transmissions in petrol and diesel types, the Hyundai i10 was launched with 10 variants by the South-Korean automaker. The engine of this hatchback delivers a maximum power of 68.1 bhp and the car offers a city mileage of 16.4 kmpl.

Features and Specifications

The Hyundai i10 comes loaded with several other features such as air-conditioner, ABS, power steering wheel, driver and passenger airbags, automatic climate control, wheel covers, front power windows, rear seatbelts, passenger side rear-view mirror, low fuel warning light, electric multi-tripmeter, tachometer, fabric upholstery, digital odometer, and a whole lot more!

About Car Fit Experts

Need expert help with your Hyundai i10 car battery? Look no further than Car Fit Experts – India’s largest automotive-care network dealing in car battery replacement and repair! With an inventory stocked with genuine, OEM-recommended batteries such as Exide car battery, Amaron car battery, and maintenance-free battery at reasonable prices and highly trained technicians that render exceptional car battery check and replacement services, we are your one-stop source for battery-related woes. Also, you can check the Hyundai i10 battery price below in the price sheet.

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What Happens if Your Car Battery Fails?

Health is wealth, more so when accompanied by stealth. Be it a person or an inanimate object such as your mechanical lady love’s battery, the care you show in secret will reflect in your Hyundai i10 car battery’s performance and functionalities.

After all, it is your beloved Hyundai i10 car’s battery that provides it with the ability to move forward. Without the electricity supplied by your Hyundai i10 car’s battery, your Hyundai i10 will be as good as a goner. Hence, it is vital to look out for signs of battery ill-health and address them without delay by getting the battery replaced.

Common signs of battery failure include – clicking sounds on turning the key for ignition, dimming of headlights and interior lights, glitches in the performance of wiper blades, heating, and cooling systems, phones not charging inside the car, backfiring, check engine light turning rotten smell on opening the hood, and white ash-like residue settling onto the battery’s terminals.

Is your Hyundai i10 struggling lately to start in the first go? If yes, it is time to get its battery checked or replaced. We at Car Fit Experts install only genuine, high-performance batteries via our tie-ups with brands like Amaron, Exide, Bosch, and 3M at the best prices. You can check the Maruti swift car battery price here.

Importance of Choosing Authentic Batteries

On suspecting car battery failure, get it immediately checked and get car battery repair or replaced by experts. It is important that you only choose an authentic and high-performance battery that sits well with the specifications given by your car manufacturer; otherwise, you run the risk of endangering your car’s life. This is because batteries of unauthentic origins and those that are inferior in quality can meddle with the proper functioning of your car’s driver-assistance features, lead to an alternator failure, and in worst cases, even the death of your car’s engine.

Hence, a fake car battery is just not worth the risk. Always choose a premium-quality car battery and get it installed by experts such as those at Car Fit Experts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For Hyundai i10 car batteries, there are many providers available in the Indian market; however, Exide and Amaron have established an excellent reputation. If you're looking to replace your old Hyundai i10 car battery, you can contact our experts.