Ford EcoSport Car Battery — Car Battery Replacement, Price List

Battery Model Price Without Scrap Price With Scrap
Amaron FL-545106036 Rs. 5200 Rs. 4300
EX DIN 44L ML Rs. 5400 Rs. 4500

Enjoy the best Ford Ecosport car battery prices. The Ford Motor Company has revolutionised the automobile sector and continues to do so even today. The EcoSport is a testament to such technological advancement, and its 2020 edition promises more fun, style, and thrill. You have made an impeccable choice by being here, browsing about the EcoSport. The Ford EcoSport has been around since 2003, and the Indian market has six variants of the latest generation. Thunder, Sports, Titanium+, Titanium, Trend, and Ambiente editions are available in diesel and petrol options.

This five-seater vehicle is a heavily awarded subcompact crossover SUV and guarantees to help you derive more from each drive. The beastly 1.5-litre diesel and petrol engines provide economies of 21.7 kmpl and 15.9 kmpl respectively. Additionally, the six-speed automatic transmission makes changing gears convenient, while the cruise control feature auto-pilots the vehicle. Moreover, the high ground clearance of your car will ensure your drive is unhindered by curbs or potholes. Furthermore, the sunroof is a sure-fire icebreaker as you can round off any ordinary evening with a star-gazing session. Besides, the intricate grille design, coupled with beautiful headlamps, bezels, and stunning R16 alloy wheels, are sure to turn heads. In keeping with its promise of delivering more, the SYNC 3 infotainment system is compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Additionally, rain, hail, or drizzle can activate the windshield wiper sensors.

The stylish interiors, with the orange accents, do not compromise on the security of the passengers and provide six airbags so that your family can enjoy a safe and comfortable drive. Furthermore, the Emergency Assistance feature automatically contacts emergency services in the event of any emergency. Moreover, using the excellent Ford MyKey technology, you can set speed-limit warnings, activate seat belt alarms, and cap the speed and audio volume of the vehicle. The 2020 variant is BS-VI compliant, offers a three-year factory warranty, and has the complementary FordPass feature.

About Car Fit Experts

Car Fit Experts is India’s most expansive automotive-care network that deals in car battery replacement & repair and other car detailing services (like car wiper blade replacement and other auto detailing services) at affordable pricing. To deliver world-class service, our professionally-trained technicians can help you assist with car battery check and replacement (available at select service centres across the country) for your Ford EcoSport. Also, we offer the best brands in car batteries, such as Amaron car batteries and Exide car batteries; we also provide maintenance-free car batteries. We are strong advocates of genuine & superior-performance car batteries because they last between three to five years. They are manufactured following the carmaker’s specifications. You can check the Ford EcoSport Car Battery price list here. Also, we provide doorstep service to ensure complete customer comfort.

How to Ensure Good Battery Health

Long periods of unuse, short periods of use, unclean battery terminals, improper battery size or type gradually disastrously affect battery health. Any misuse of the battery or its corresponding parts can impair the vehicle and cause permanent damage. Undoubtedly, the car battery is vital and, therefore, requires professional maintenance and care. Is your Ford EcoSport lately struggling to take self? Does its cabin require a thorough cleaning? If the answer to any of these questions is a loud yes, then wheel it in for a professional check-up at India’s most extensive car-care network – Car Fit Experts. We have been maintaining cars for over three decades and have tended to a wide range of automotive brands ranging from Maruti to Mercedes.

What Makes Car Fit Experts the Ideal Car-Care Partner?

If you need to get your Ford Ecosport’s car battery replaced, look no further than Car Fit Experts. We offer premium car battery check and replacement services right at your doorstep. Services such as wiper blade replacement, headlamp renovation, and car detailing are relevant to your car’s health. However, we revel in car battery-related issues. You can avail of heavy discounts when purchasing Amaron car batteries and Exide car batteries and sell your old batteries at an attractive price. Moreover, the doorstep delivery service extended for car battery replacement is effective and free of charge.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For Ford EcoSport car batteries, there are many providers available in the Indian market; however, Exide and Amaron have established an excellent reputation. If you're looking to replace your old Ford EcoSport car battery, you can contact our experts.