Hyundai i10 Grand Car Battery

About i10 Grand

Available in three variants – Magna Petrol, Sportz Petrol, and Magna CNG – is a sporty hatchback by the South-Korean automaker that meets the demands of modern-day drivers with ease. The car is available in four eye-catching shades – Polar White, Fiery Red, Titan Grey, and Typhoon Silver – and is sleek and sporty in appearance, true to its claims. The interior boasts of providing comfort beyond expectation with floor console storage, seat back pockets, cooled glove box, touch multi-function power steering wheel, rear parcel tray, air-conditioning system, steering wheel-mounted controls for voice recognition, Bluetooth, and audio, four speakers, iBlue (audio remote application), and much more!

Moreover, the hatchback’s optimised chassis setting gives an unparalleled level of ride quality. Both the petrol and diesel variants of the car come with a 5-speed manual transmission, and the powerful 1.2-litre engine delivers a maximum power of 83 ps.


Some Parts Chiefer than the Others

Even in the human body, all organs perform unique functions and hence, are deemed equally valuable yet some are chiefer than the others since they enable the rest to fulfill their roles efficiently. For instance – the brain and the heart.

Just like body parts are made equally valuable yet purposefully different, even car components are made in like manner. For example – Of all parts valuable, the battery performs a function chiefer than the rest in that it breathes life into the car, without which other functions are pretty much useless.

The battery supplies the initial electrical supply needed to move the vehicle forward and it is also the battery that keeps the other electrical components of your vehicle working properly – the wiper blades, entertainment system, heating/cooling devices, charging sockets, etc.


What Causes Car Battery Failure?

Notwithstanding the vital role a battery performs, it will meet its fate within the lifetime of the car. A car battery has an average lifespan that ranges from 3 to 5 years. But this estimate only applies to a healthy and authentic car battery.

The fake and poor-quality ones have a lifespan that is way shorter and worse, highly unpredictable. Moreover, besides quality as a determiner for battery life, several other factors lead to premature battery death. For instance – extreme alterations in temperature, excessive short rides followed by extended resting periods, sulfation, acid stratification, lack of proper maintenance (including routine check-ups by trained experts), defective alternator, parasitic drains, among others.


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