Hyundai Getz Car Battery

Car Type Battery Model Price Without Scrap Price With Scrap
Getz Petrol Amaron PR-0055B24LS Rs. 6550 Rs. 5550
Getz Diesel Amaron FL-0BH90D23L Rs. 6350 Rs. 5050
Getz Diesel Amaron GO-0BH90D23L Rs. 6350 Rs. 5050
Getz Petrol EX M/T 45L Rs. 6850 Rs. 5850
Getz Diesel EX M/T 45L Rs. 6850 Rs. 5850
Getz Diesel EX 75D23LBH ML Rs. 6650 Rs. 5350

About Getz

With this sleek and feature-loaded hatchback by the South Korean automobile manufacturer, you can ‘drive global.’ Released in three and five-door hatchback styles, the Getz premiered globally at the 2002 Geneva Motor Show.

Available in a manual transmission petrol variant, the car offers a city mileage of 10.7 kmpl with a maximum power of 83 PS.

Besides, the Getz is loaded with several other features – power steering, ABS, airbags, automatic climate control, to name a few.


Why Temperature Alterations is Not the Only Thing to be Afraid of

Every time you turn the key for ignition on a winter morning, you cross your fingers and say a silent prayer under misty breath. What if your car does not start today? And summers are no different either. Well, temperatures can mess up good with your car’s battery – Higher temperatures can increase internal corrosion whereas the other end of the scale can make your battery sluggish.

But, it were good if that was all that you needed to be afraid of. There’s a lot that can easily go wrong with your car’s battery besides such natural causes that are beyond control. For instance – leave the headlights, interior lights or electronic devices on charge for extended periods when the engine is dormant and watch how fast the battery drains. Or make only excessive short rides and watch it take its toll on the cell.

Proper awareness followed by proper care and maintenance is what is needed to avoid premature battery death. However, your car’s battery will indicate clearly of its declining health so that you can take action immediately.


“I Suspect My Car Battery’s Health is Declining. Can it be Restored?”

Often, car owners have no trouble recognising the signs of battery ill-health. The dilemma then comes about whether or not the battery can be restored to its original state. The short answer for this is no.

Now, one important thing to remember is that oft what happens is that the battery shows signs of ill-health only because it needs a good amount of charging time (that is, if suspected early on). In such cases, allowing the battery time to rejuvenate with the help of a charger will do the trick.

However, accumulation of damage over time renders the problem at a point of no return. Under such circumstances, batteries need to be replaced. Hence, it is never advisable to get your car’s battery “repaired” no matter how tempting the claims of the service provider.

A genuine service provider knows that the safest option is to get the battery replaced.


Choose Car Fit Experts for Your Getz

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Frequently Asked Questions

For Hyundai Getz car batteries, there are many providers available in the Indian market; however, Exide and Amaron have established an excellent reputation. If you're looking to replace your old Hyundai Getz car battery, you can contact our experts.