Honda City New (2003-2008) Car Battery

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About Honda City New

Honda City’s second-generation model was launched in 2003, which was quite a departure from the first-generation in terms of both driving dynamics and style. This generation focused on comfort, fuel efficiency, and space, offering an optional automatic transmission. Today, the used car market in India is replete with this model.

Interestingly, this model was called ‘The Dolphin’ for its looks. Compared to the previous generation, this model is bulkier. A CVT variant was added soon after. Initially, it was launched with a 1.5-litre engine with an intelligent dual and sequential ignition that gave a power of 77 hp. In 2005, an i-VTEC model was launched under the name of City ZX. This was the first time an Indian car was launched with a CVT variant, making something oh history. In 2007, the automaker launched a 10th-anniversary edition that came with ABS which was unique at the time. This put the second-generation Honda City well ahead of its competition in its segment. Till date, car enthusiasts are all praises for this mean machine.


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