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About Renault

Renault is a globally recognised French automobile company that makes powerful cars incredible on all fronts – performance, functionality, and style. The Renault Group, which goes back more than 115 years, has a presence in over 128 countries. Apart from Renault, the company also sells commercial vehicles under the brand names Renault Samsung Motors and Dacia. Renault’s international catalogue of vehicles includes hatchbacks, sedans, MPVs/MUVs, SUVs, and SUV crossovers, among others.

In the Indian market, Renault first launched the Logan in a joint venture with the Indian manufacturer Mahindra in 2007. After the Logan’s success and once it had a finger on the Indian market’s pulse, Renault launched its independent operations in India. Its first successful contribution to the Indian automobile market came with the compact SUV Duster in 2012. The Renault Duster took the Indian and international markets by storm, making Renault a wildly popular brand in the automobile Industry. The company has since launched many successful vehicles in India, such as the Renault KWID, a popular micro-hatchback, and more recently, the MPV Renault Triber. In 2019, Renault announced that it was going to launch vehicles specifically tailored to the Indian market each year. All of Renault’s vehicles sport a diamond logo, a symbol of prestige and elegance.

In terms of price, Renault vehicles are believed to offer a huge bang for the buck. The price for the Renault KWID, the cheapest Renault car, ranges from Rs. 2.67 lakhs to Rs. 4.64 lakhs. Renault’s star performer – the Renault Duster – costs anywhere between Rs. 7.99 lakhs and Rs. 13.10 lakhs, depending on the variant and model.

Equip Your Renault Vehicle With a High-Quality Car Battery

Renault vehicles are packed with features like air conditioning and heating systems, entertainment systems, power outlets, power doors and windows, etc. for maximum comfort. To ensure the optimal functioning of all these features, a high-quality car battery that can sustain the vehicle’s energy requirements for a prolonged period of time is a must.

Poor quality car batteries are riddled with inefficiencies and can impose huge costs in the long run. You may find yourself in trouble if your car battery is not perfectly capable of handling your Renault’s safety and security features like the GPS navigation system, power locks, turn indicators, electronic windshield wipers, parking sensors and camera, electronic brake-force distribution, etc. This is why you should only trust high-quality car batteries to ensure your Renault vehicle’s smooth functioning.

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