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Chevrolet, or Chevy as it is endearingly called, was the more successful brand of the two brands run by General Motors in its two-decade stay in India. Even though Chevrolet gained popularity in the Indian market very quickly and its line of cars including hatchbacks, SUVs, and sedans was loved widely by Indian buyers, the brand came to an unfortunate end in the country in 2017.

Nevertheless, Chevrolet car owners are one of the most satisfied car owners in India. Chevrolet cars are reliable and long-lasting. However, since it has been a few years since the brand stopped its production in the country, it is most likely that your Chevrolet is not brand new. It is also possible that you are facing an issue with your battery. Read on to know how to choose the right battery for your dear Chevy.

Why Would Your Chevy’s Battery Need Replacement?

There are many ways by which you can shorten your battery’s life, such as extreme alteration of temperature, excessive short rides, leaving on electronics, parasitic drains, etc. However, since your Chevrolet’s battery is a piece of machinery, you can do everything right and still deal with a dead battery. A car battery typically lasts for three to five years, after which it will need a replacement.

Since Chevrolet stopped the production of new cars in India in 2017, it is likely that your car is in need of a new heart, that is the battery or might need one soon. Continue reading to know what type of battery is best for your Chevrolet.

What is the Best Type of Battery for Your Car?

Maintaining a car can be a pricey affair. While it is natural that you would want to save your money wherever possible, you shouldn’t compromise with the quality of your car battery. There are many cheap alternatives to branded batteries in the automobile market, and it might seem like a cost-effective idea to opt for one.

Even so, generic batteries aren’t made for the specific power requirements of your car. More often than not, they provide less than sufficient starting power to your vehicle, which can damage its overall health in the long run. Moreover, generic batteries drain out very quickly, thus forcing you to spend on a new battery sooner than required in the case of branded batteries.

Car battery brands, on the other hand, have to maintain a reputation and thus produce batteries that last long. Additionally, you can easily get your branded battery repaired from an authorised dealership or service centre. Most importantly, car battery brands create batteries that are meant for your car and therefore supply ample power for its functioning.

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