Mercedes Benz Car Battery

Get to Know the Brand

Aspiring to deliver the best in terms of technology, products, and services; the Mercedes is a German automaker that began its production back in 1926.

Mercedes’ luxury car models are known for everything world-class – safety, performance, comfort, service, and appearance. The signature “star” symbol found on all Mercedes models’ hood stands for air, land, and sea. The automaker stands by its motto of “Das Beste oder Nichts,” literally meaning “The Best or Nothing.” 

Sure-Proof Signs of Car Battery Failure

Nothing could be possibly worse than waking up one morning and leaving for an urgent official meeting only to find that your car just won’t start. Well, such occurrences can easily be avoided. More often than not, such ignition problems are directly related to a malfunctioning car battery.

And the good news is that OEM-recommended, high-performance batteries do give clear signs of their fast-approaching death. Some common and unmistakable signs of car battery failure include dimming of headlights or interior lights, the engine slow-cranking or downright refusing to start, clicking sounds on turning the key for ignition, backfiring, car refusing to start unless you press the gas pedal, rotten smell on opening the hood, corrosion (white ash-like residue) on the battery’s terminals, etc.

If you feel like your car battery is showing any of the signs mentioned above, get it checked by a car-fit expert without delay. If needs be, they will safely and properly replace your battery. Neglect can come at a great cost with the worst being stranded in the middle of nowhere with a dead battery. 

Measures You can Take to Extend the Life of Your Car’s Battery

Though battery failure is inevitable at some point, owing to natural death, you can take certain tried-and-true measures to allow your battery to enjoy a healthy life. This will not only improve its performance but will also not allow it to die prematurely.

The measures are – avoid taking your car out on excessive short trips followed by extended periods of rest, keep the battery tightly fastened to the terminals, minimise heat exposure and power usage when the engine is in passive mode, and take your car for routine battery check-ups. 

Car Fit Experts to the Rescue!

Is your precious Mercedes in need of a new battery? Maybe, you just can’t figure out yet? Just contact Car Fit Experts and our trained technicians will take care of it all! As the leading care-care service provider of the country, we house 100% genuine, high-performance batteries from reputed brands such as Exide and Amaron that come with relevant warranties.

Our trained experts will check your vehicle’s battery and replace it if required. If you can’t visit one of our service centres, simply give us a call at +91 9555304055 and we will meet your needs right where you are! Do not delay in getting the help your Mercedes needs. Contact us today!

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