Skoda Car Battery

About Skoda

Skoda is one of the world’s largest auto manufacturers, having a satisfied consumer base of over 1.25 million, spread across 100+ countries. Its cars are widely known for their world-class features, affordability, and comfort.

Growing persistently for more than a century with sustainable brand value, Skoda is the third oldest car producer in the world. It has been a part of the Volkswagen group since 2000 and has consistently been extrapolating cutting-edge technological innovations. No wonder the brand has won several accolades like Motor Trader’s ‘Car of the Year’ and Auto Express’ ‘Best Manufacturer’. 

Reasons Why Your Skoda’s Battery Is Important

It is the battery that starts your Skoda in the first place – by waking all the components with a jolt of electricity. Once the starter solenoid receives this jolt of electricity supplied by the battery, the car’s engine gets the power needed for ignition.

Not only does the battery start your car’s engine, but it also maintains its voltage. Also, the battery is responsible for powering each and every electrical accessory of your car – interior lights and headlights, heating/cooling systems, music and entertainment system, advanced driver-assistance features, etc. As such, it is highly important that you always choose a genuine, high-performance car battery. A cheap or low-quality battery can thwart your car’s functionality, making it susceptible to compromised performance.

Signs of a Damaged Car Battery

A battery usually wears thin within three to five years. But, this lifespan can be shortened further owing to several factors such as extremes of temperature, improper maintenance, leaving on of electrical accessories when the battery is in its inactive state, etc.

However, if your car battery is indeed nearing its death, be it premature or natural, it will give some tell-tale signs of deterioration.  Some of these signs include – flickering or dimming headlights, cranking sounds while driving, backfiring, clicking sounds on turning the key for ignition, corrosion (white or greenish blue residue on battery terminals, etc.

If you feel that your car battery is showing the above-mentioned signs of failure, get it checked and if needs be, replaced by a reliable car-care service provider.

Car Fit Experts: Your Trustworthy Partner for High-grade Skoda Batteries

Looking for a reliable battery service provider for your beloved Skoda? Look no further than Car Fit Experts! We are the leading car-care service provider of India with tie-ups with renowned brands such as Exide and Amaron. With us, you will find 100% authentic and high-performance car batteries. In case you cannot drive to one of our service centres, we will reach you wherever you are via our network of mobile vans.

Give your Skoda the care it deserves! Contact Car Fit Experts today.

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