Renault Datsun Go Car Battery

About the Model

The Renault Datsun Go is a marvel of Japanese engineering and combines the best of style, comfort, and technology. The five-seater hatchback Go is priced starting Rs. 3.99 lakhs and comes with a range of dazzling features, making it a great option in the budget segment. It can attain a speed of 100 km/hr in 13.3 seconds and has added dual front airbags.

Some distinguishing features of the exteriors include a dynamic hexagon grille, stylish and sleek LED headlights, diamond cut R14 alloy wheels, and 3D shaped headlamps. Combined with the spunky colours, Datsun Go is sure to make heads turn wherever it goes. Datsun now also offers a rear parking camera.

The interiors combine class with comfort, providing a range of best-in-class advancements such as the Advanced Infotainment System which comes with a 17 cm touch screen. Using this, you can navigate, listen to music and stay connected with ease. The specially designed anti-fatigue seats ensure comfort for long drives. The Datsun Go comes with a manual transmission and can attain a mileage of 19.02 kmpl.

What Are the Benefits of Investing in a Good Battery?

Investing in an expensive but high-quality battery is a long-term solution to all your battery-related problems. Not only does it ensure better performance over longer periods but it also gives you reliable warranty and top-quality services on the off-chance if a problem arises.

Further, you protect yourself against the possibility of your car shutting down in the middle of the road, which is the most common problem that arises from cheap, faulty batteries. When you start your car, the engine comes to life instantaneously, but it is the battery that does the heavy lifting behind the scenes. Thus, having a newly installed battery compatible with your model of Datsun Go is of utmost importance.

How to Spot Premature Battery Failure

Usually, a battery lasts 3-5 years but if it was procured through untrustworthy sources, then it might fail prematurely. Some signs that your battery is about to die are longer engine starting time, flickering headlights, electrical issues and the check engine light being ‘on’.

In such a case, you should get your battery checked immediately. Well trained technicians of Car Fit Experts with years of experience are the best for this job. 

About Car Fit Experts Services

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Frequently Asked Questions

For Renault Datsun Go car batteries, there are many providers available in the Indian market; however, Exide and Amaron have established an excellent reputation. If you're looking to replace your old Renault Datsun Go car battery, you can contact our experts.