Maruti Suzuki Van Omni – Car Battery

The Maruti Suzuki Omni has sold more than 160 lakh units over its 35-year-long production run. It has been a much-loved people’s carrier with tonnes of space inside. The Omni may as well be basic but, it is also versatile, affordable and practical. Since Omni’s engine is under its body, the driver enjoys an unbeatable view of the road in front.


More About the Omni


Omni is offered in petrol as well as a CNG variant with a 4-speed manual gearbox. The petrol engine drives smoothly for the price it’s offered in, however, the CNG variant feels a bit sluggish, especially when hauling cargo. The CNG model is used in a large number of Omni taxis across various Indian cities. The cabin is modestly furnished with ample head, shoulder and legroom.


Features and Specifications


The Maruti Omni houses an 800 cc, 3-cylinder engine with a bhp of 35. This minivan claims a mileage of 19.7 kmpl with 210-litres of boot space and 36-litres of fuel capacity. Omni’s cabin comes equipped with features like air-conditioning, heating, low fuel warning light, integrated headrests, fabric upholstery, child safety locks, power steering, and much more.


What Causes Car Batteries to Fail?


More often than not, a car battery’s life is cut short by human error. For instance, leaving the headlights, air-conditioner and radio switched on when the engine is in ‘off’ mode, faulty charging, and excessively short drives that do not permit the battery the required charging time.

The good news is that your car’s battery will send out signs before dying completely. If you find glitches in your car’s performance such as

frequent jumpstarts for ignition, dimming headlights or interior lights, ash-like substance settling onto the battery’s surface; make sure to get your car’s battery checked or replaced by trained and experienced technicians.


Why Choose Car Fit Experts for Your Maruti Omni?


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