Toyota Etios — Car Battery Replacement, Price List

Car Type Battery Model Price Without Scrap Price With Scrap
Etios Petrol Amaron PR-00050B20L Rs. 4550 Rs. 3850
Etios Petrol Amaron FL-00042B20L Rs. 4150 Rs. 3450
Etios Petrol Amaron GO-00038B20L Rs. 3900 Rs. 3200
Etios Petrol Amaron BL-0BL400LMF Rs. 3630 Rs. 2930
Etios Petrol Amaron FR-0FR400LMF Rs. 3450 Rs. 2750
Etios Diesel Amaron FL-80D23L Rs. 5950 Rs. 4850

An exquisite 5-seater sedan that took the Indian automobile market by storm with its launch, the Toyota Etios is comfort, luxury, and efficiency redefined. The car has a striking appearance and is available in several appealing shades painted on a metallic body. The Etios has one diesel engine of 1364 cc and one petrol engine of 1486 cc. The engine is supported excellently by a 4-valved fuel cylinder operating on an EFI-based fuel supply system.

The five-speed gearbox complements the powerful engine, allowing the vehicle to go from 0 km/hr. to 100 km/hr. in merely 10.6 seconds. The car’s interior is graced with a power steering, an air conditioner, heater, remote fuel lid opener, rear-seat headrest, front cup holder, keyless entry feature, and glove box cooling. For driver convenience, seats are made of extremely comfortable fabric upholstery, and a digital odometer is fit into the dashboard. Adjustable headlights and manually adjustable mirrors make the exterior extremely sporty.

What Happens if You Choose Poor Batteries?

Poor-quality car batteries often lure you in with low prices. However, these car batteries prove both expensive to you and fatal to your car in the long run. Poor-quality car batteries fail to provide your car’s engine with the required amount of power during start-up. As a result, backfiring arises. The engine will also crank slowly or might not start at all if your Toyota Etios car battery is dead or of poor quality. Moreover, when the engine is not running, poor-quality batteries will be unable to support the electrical systems of your vehicle such as the headlights, interior lights, and driver assistance features.

Such car batteries also have a shorter lifespan. Most of these batteries are either generic or come from manufacturers who do not offer any warranties on their products. These issues inflict long-term damage onto your car and make you lose a lot of money. To get the best out of your Toyota Etios car battery, you must always buy high-quality batteries for it.

How to Find the Right Car Experts?

Your Toyota Etios car battery is the crucial part of your car’s components, which is why you should always opt for a reliable and reputed professional car-care service provider, especially someone who can give you a warranty for their products and services such as car battery replacement and car battery repair. Always make sure that your service provider is using best-in-class tools and genuine products. Also, ask your service provider to offer you some discount for choosing its services. The technicians working on your Toyota Etios car should have the specialized knowledge needed to deal with Toyota Etios car battery check and replacement, backed by quality training and years of hands-on experience.

Why Choose Car Fit Experts

Car Fit Experts is India’s most renowned and trusted car-care service provider, catering to a wide range of car models from brands like Toyota, Mercedes, Hyundai, Maruti Suzuki, etc. We specialize in replacing faulty car batteries with high-performance ones from brands like Amaron car battery, Exide car battery, and other maintenance-free batteries. Providing world-class service is our mission, and we serve our customers all across India at our service centres or through our doorstep services. Our services include car battery check and replacement.

At Car Fit Experts, our highly trained technicians use best-in-class equipment for car battery replacement. Moreover, all our professionals wear protective gear while attending to your vehicle. Should any problems arise after you have availed of our car battery replacement services, our responsive customer service team will quickly resolve your concern.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For Toyota Etios car batteries, there are many providers available in the Indian market; however, Exide and Amaron have established an excellent reputation. If you're looking to replace your old Toyota Etios car battery, you can contact our experts.