Ford Fiesta Car Battery

Car Type Battery Model Price Without Scrap Price With Scrap
Fiesta Diesel Amaron FL-566112060 Rs. 6550 Rs. 5350
Fiesta Petrol Amaron FL-545106036 Rs. 5200 Rs. 4300
Fiesta Petrol EX DIN 44L ML Rs. 5400 Rs. 4500
Fiesta Diesel EX DIN 44L ML Rs. 5400 Rs. 4500
Fiesta Diesel EX DIN 60 ML Rs. 6900 Rs. 5700

Ford stepped into the Indian market in 1995 and has had a fleet including cars of all shapes and sizes – hatchbacks, SUVs, compact SUVs, sedans as well as a sports car. In the earlier generations, Ford Fiesta Classic, along with Ford Ikon, was one of the most popular sedans. However, with the taste of car buyers drifting towards heavier and sportier cars, Ford transformed the Fiesta and here is how:

Exteriors and Interiors

The most striking thing about the revamped Ford Fiesta was the Aston Martin-like grilling. It came with sharp and slim headlamps, a planted bumper, a defined aero-lip and 10 spoke 15-inch alloy wheels. The exteriors certainly made a statement about the car’s sportiness. According to Ford, the new design increased the aero-dynamics efficiency by 3%.

Even though the interiors still bore a resemblance with the Fiesta Classic, there were still a few changes here and there. The centre console had a glassy black finish in the top-end titanium variant and came with the latest gen. sync, better voice recognition and app link. The dash was available in a two-tone finish, and the light-coloured upholstery made the interiors seem more spacious. Overall, Ford added a premium touch to the new Fiesta.

Engine, Mileage, and Other Specs

The new Fiesta only came with a 1.5-litre diesel engine with a 5-speed manual transmission and was front-wheel driven.

Like the Fiesta Classic, the new Fiesta had a very stiff chassis and a complimentary suspension which made the car stable at high speeds. It contributed to smooth turns and ride quality for everyday driving.

Ford claimed that these changes brought the mileage up to 25.1 kmpl.

What Happens When You Choose Poor- Quality Car Batteries? 

Buying a cheap, non- branded car battery might seem like an affordable option, however, over time, the repeated jump-starts, repairs, and the eventual battery replacement will not only be a hassle but will cost you more money. Moreover, a bad-quality battery can damage other parts and multiply your expenses very quickly. Thus, it is always better to buy a quality branded battery, even if it costs a little extra.

The Ford Fiesta has a feature-loaded centre console, which needs ample power to function. The battery you choose for your Fiesta, therefore, should be able to satisfy your car’s needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For Ford Fiesta car batteries, there are many providers available in the Indian market; however, Exide and Amaron have established an excellent reputation. If you're looking to replace your old Ford Fiesta car battery, you can contact our experts.