Land rover Car Battery

The powerful and luxurious Land Rover has set the bar high for rival SUVs. All Land Rover models are known for being spectacular trail-busters, regardless of the terrain type. Today, Land Rover is a highly sought-after brand in the Indian SUV market with its four top-selling models, namely the Land Rover Range Rover, Free Lander, Evoque, and Discovery.

About Land Rover

Launched in 1948, the initial Land Rover models were inspired by the rugged look and the versatile nature of the U.S. Army’s jeep. The Land Rover models today are tenacious, refined, and powerful. The robust body of Land Rover SUVs is sculpted with the finest materials that provide it strength and an enviable road presence. All Land Rover models are available in both diesel and petrol variants except for the Free Lander, which is available only in a diesel variant.

Features and Specifications

The top-selling Land Rover comes in different engine configurations. The Land Rover Range Rover comes with an iconic silhouette that houses a powerful 5000 CC engine in petrol and diesel variants, with a bhp of 557 kW. This flagship SUV can race from 0 to 100 km in just 5.8 seconds. That is seriously fast for an SUV, and perhaps one of the best in the segment. The Land Rover Free Lander is offered with a 2200 CC diesel engine and a bhp of 158. The Land Rover Evoque packs in a 2000 CC engine, available in both diesel and petrol variants, with a 177 bhp. The Land Rover Discovery comes with a 2000 CC engine, available both in petrol and diesel with a bhp of 237.

All the aforementioned models come in automatic transmission and an ultra-luxe cabin boasting features like configurable ambient lighting, all-wheel drive, touchscreen infotainment system, heated seats, plush leather upholstery, cabin air ionisation, terrain response system, driver assists, airbags for all riders, rear spoiler, sunroof, brake assist, vehicle stability control system, anti-theft device, hill descent control, and much more.

What Happens if You Choose Poor Batteries? 

A battery is perhaps the most vital component of a car. In fact, what a heart is to a human body, a battery is to a car; hence, choosing a 100% original, high-performance battery is critical to maintaining the health of your Land Rover. Weak batteries or even poorly-installed batteries can have the following devastating effects – shorten the lifespan of the alternator, increase in gas consumption, damage to the engine, and blockage of sufficient fuel to the cylinders.

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