Ford Ikon Car Battery

Car Type Battery Model Price Without Scrap Price With Scrap
Ford Ikon Diesel EX DIN 44L ML Rs. 5400 Rs. 4500
Ford Ikon Petrol EX DIN 44L ML Rs. 5400 Rs. 4500
Ford Ikon Diesel EX DIN 44L ML Rs. 5400 Rs. 4500

Beauty of a Ford

Any vehicle with the Ford trademark oozes a sense of innovation, style, and stability. Though its production has stopped since 2011, and newer vehicles have been produced by the Ford Motor Company, many individuals still use a Ford Ikon. Let us see what makes this vehicle “ikonic”.

Revisiting the Amazing Ford Ikon

As a dependable vehicle for close to two decades, the Ford Ikon spawned two generations of the car. The fourth generation of the Ford Fiesta served as the base for the Ford Ikon first generation. Whereas, the fifth generation of the Fiesta was used as a base for the second generation – Ford Ikon. This vehicle was designed specifically for the Indian market, and the Ford facility at Chennai was responsible for its production.

This subcompact vehicle, capable of being driven on the poorest of Indian roads, was loved by the cost-conscious Indian. The popularity of this vehicle led to a facelift in 2008, with alloy wheels, upgraded interiors and better engine system. The earlier 1.4l Petrol engine was replaced by the powerful 1.6l variant. Additionally, the diesel engine complemented by the common-rail injection system enhanced the vehicle.

Furthermore, the Anti-lock Brake Systems are reinforced with Electronic Brake Distribution, and the collapsible steering and passenger airbags ensure protection. Besides, the improved headlamps and 15” alloy wheels will make every drive safe and delightful. Ebony and Jasper Blue complement the luxurious interiors of this regale creation, along with fabric detailing in door panels, and seat covers.

Additionally, the entertainment system comprises powerful quadruple speakers with a radio-cum-CD player with MP3 compatibility, to oblige your musical requirements. Audio Jacks and RDS are available in the upgraded variants.

Incidentally, the Ford MacPherson strut configuration for the suspension layout provides easier grip and dynamic handling of the vehicle. Many minds from Australia, Germany, and the UK collaborated with Indian engineers to design the Ford Ikon.

If you own this beauty at present, then spare no expense in its upkeep.

Preserving Battery Life

During your drive, the car battery acts as a hub that processes multiples facets of the vehicle. Improper driving habits lead to far more car battery failures than battery manufacturing defects. Nonetheless, your vehicle’s battery can require replacement since batteries deteriorate over time as well.

A damaged battery will impede your vehicle health. Therefore, it is integral that you ensure your vehicle is checked out by trained professionals only.

Getting Help from Car Fit Experts 

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Frequently Asked Questions

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