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About Car Fit Experts                                 

Car Fit Experts, a strategic business unit of Asahi India Glass Limited is a professional car-care service provider trusted by millions across India. We specialise in providing battery check and replacement services and car detailing services (in select stores across the country) for cars of all leading brands, whether luxury or otherwise. Our pan-India presence and quick services have made us a favourite among Indian car owners, bringing us valued testimonials.

About Jaguar

Since launching its first vehicle in 1935, Jaguar, a British car manufacturer, has become a pioneer of luxury automobile technology. With a stunning blend of excellent performance, dramatic design, and extreme comfort, Jaguar cars exemplify manufacturing brilliance.

Jaguar is currently headquartered in Whitley, Coventry, England and began as a motorcycle sidecar manufacturer in 1922 under the name Swallow Sidecar Company. Much after it started manufacturing cars, it was acquired by Ford Motors and later by the Indian automobile giant Tata Motors. Currently, it operates under Jaguar Land Rover, a company owned by Tata Motors.

Jaguar’s extraordinary design thinking is reflected in all of its car models, from the E Pace to the XF. All the models feature Jaguar-specific driver-assistance features, powerful diesel or petrol engines, high-performance electronic systems, and unique design meant to impress at first glance.

Car Fit Experts’ Expertise in dealing with Luxury Cars

No matter which car from Jaguar you own, you must seek expert maintenance and care for it. Jaguar vehicles come with high-quality parts that cannot be replaced with fake or poor ones. Moreover, roadside mechanics are not qualified to handle repairs or car-care services of luxury cars such as your Jaguar.

If you are seeking maintenance, battery replacement, or other car-care services for your luxury car, approach Car Fit Experts. Our skilled technicians are trained to deal with battery check and replacement and car detailing services for luxury vehicles from brands like Jaguar, BMW, Mercedes, and Audi. We also have a responsive customer service team ready to address your queries and concerns at a single call.

Car Fit Experts’ List of Products and Services

A genuine, accessible and timely car battery replacement service is important yet difficult to find. Thankfully, with its all India presence, Car Fit Experts is ready to address all those needs for you. The trust our customers have in us stems from the excellent craftsmanship and high-performance products that we provide.

To ensure only the best for your vehicle, Car Fit Experts has partnered with Amaron, Exide, Bosch, 3M, and Talbros Penray. We use high-performance car-care products from these brands, mandatorily observe the recommended safety procedures while handling your vehicle, provide a warranty on our services and products, and offer doorstep battery check and replacement services, making us a full-range solutions provider when it comes to car care.

To avail of our quick and hassle-free services, contact us today!

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