Honda Car Battery

About the Automaker

Having its headquarters in Minato, Tokyo, Honda Motor Company Ltd. is a renowned automaker famous for the production of automobiles, motorbikes, and power equipment. The automaker is the both the largest producer of motorcycles since 1959 and also the leading manufacturer of internal combustion engines. Along the journey, Honda has tried its expertise in the making of all types of cars, from sedans to small pick-up vans to delivery vans and has been a successful automaker in all segments.

How Long do Car Batteries Last?

As do all things in creation, car batteries also succumb to the natural law of life and death. They may be just an inanimate component but their functionality has a date tagged on them. On an average, car batteries can last anywhere from 3 to 5 years. This lifespan is based on the assumption that the car battery in question is a healthy and genuine one. Car batteries that are either fake or of inferior-quality with compromised parts will have an even shorter lifespan, probably just 6 months to a year at most. 

Causes for Premature Battery Failure

The fact that car batteries will not last forever and inevitably meet their fate means there is their natural death. However, it is most common to encounter car owners whose car batteries do not make it to a long and healthy life. Their lives are severed short. Why? Well, the reasons are more than one.

The most commonly found reasons for the premature death of a car battery include excessive cycling, improper charging, extreme alterations of temperature, installation errors, manufacturing deficiencies or defects (fake or poor-quality batteries), faulty post seal design, excessive short rides followed by extended periods of rest, faulty alternator, internal connection problems, and leaving on of headlights, interior lights, heating/cooling systems, entertainment system or radio, and phones on charge when the engine is in passive state. 

Excessive Cycling? What is That?

A battery discharge followed by a recharge amounts to one battery cycle. For every battery cycle, the electrochemical generator goes to work. The main function of this generator is to convert battery acid and paste into electricity (chemical energy to electrical energy). The deeper the discharge is, the more stressful the change is on the paste – shortened battery life. Moreover, deeper battery cycling rates also mean increase in the rate of corrosion on the grid structure.

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